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People are misled by housing corporations such as BVwonen and De Huissleutel, demanding unlawful contractual costs. Houses are sold to big corporations in large quantities as grocery store items, mere merchandise. International students come to study in Tilburg without being able to find affordable housing. Many houses in this city remain vacant and unused, while the number of social living facilities decreases. Rent prices are towering high, and the average citizen/student cannot cope; this leaves many of us in a precarious situation and forces us to act.

As a collective, it is time to stand up against the unreasonable 'housing market' and the state's repressive power. Housing is a fundamental and human right. Banks, big capital, and the government control the housing market while the hard-working lower- and middle class pay the price. Due to our unfair student loaning system, students who are already in debt cannot afford to spend even more money on the insane rent prices landlords are asking. The scale of the issue is only growing and impacts everyone, and we are fed up! We want to stand up against those who misuse a corrupt market without any sense of what a righteous society means. Stef Blok, our minister of economic affairs, assigned himself to sell our houses to big companies abroad.

The system is broken, the system is unjust and dire measures are needed to turn the tide. Our allies have already made a start during the housing protests in Amsterdam, but more is required. Join our initiative locally and let yourself be heard.

Woningnood Tilburg supports the housing protests in Amsterdam and supports their manifesto. We have the following demands:

  • More public housing
  • Better living conditions
  • More aid from the municipalities in searching, finding, and obtaining a house
  • Lower rent
  • Houses may not be put up for rent immediately after being bought
  • Less power to the landlords and more power to renters
  • Stop the financialization of houses: Houses are not for profit
  • Cheaper and safer rental flats
  • Stop gentrification via the market and the state

A safe place where one can find peace after a hard day's work, something everyone needs and deserves. A place where someone can find stability, raise a family, find joy, and build a future that is what this is all about. Apart from material matters, this is where we defend our values: solidarity, freedom, honesty, righteousness, safety, and kinship. That is why our cause is one worth fighting for.

Woningnood Tilburg shall march through the streets of Tilburg, with everyone who shares our values, on the 30th of October at 14:00.  Join us in the fight for housing for everyone.